This Zombie Barbie and Ken Couple Costume idea came up in a weird way because my fiance wanted something weird and zombieish and I wanted a cute couples costume so we compromised and put the two ideas together. Once we decided we were going to be zombies we were just looking for a good couple costume to make them zombies.

So I actually looked on this website and found Barbie and Ken. The girl who posted the thing I found did incredible. I tried to find the girl’s name who had posted the original Barbie and Ken but I could not find her name! But she had made these great boxes!!! So we followed her directions and then made it our own in zombie form! I added a couple of things like you cant tell in this picture but we bought the push night light from the Dollar store and taped them to the top of the boxes so we could see! Mine was in the shape of a heart and his was a moon.

We splattered fake blood on them and did some awesome zombie make up that we learned from you tube videos. We also did fake bite marks on our shoulders and elbows. But, that is pretty much the story of the idea!

If you want a more in depth How To.. here ya go!!

What you need:

2 large cardboard boxes
pink spray paint
blue spray paint
white paint
detailed paint brush
push lights from dollar store
2 belts

1. Get both boxes spray paint one blue and one pink
2. Tape up one end of the boxes
3. Cut out window hole try to make it pretty big so you can see things through out the night
4. Your gonna want to make 2 straps with the rope to go where you want your shoulders in the box… Just think you want it to go own your shoulders like a book bag. (so make four holes)
5. Make another 2 holes around where your waist should be and string the belt threw it. Now both of steps 4 and 5 should keep the box on you all night.
6. Now do the detailed painting I just found pictures of Barbie and Ken writing and hand copied it onto the cardboard.

As far as our outfits we pretty much just made them from the stuff we had in our closet. The only thing I bought was the barbie dress from Forever21. I probably spent about 40 to make both boxes and another 20 to finish the look.