My Zoltar Fortune Teller Machine Costume is a classic coin machine well known from the movie “Big” starring Tom Hanks. It was inexpensive to make with materials I found either around the house or from the dollar store and thrift shop.

Materials used: box, paint, touch light, balloon, construction paper, gold shirt, black vest, old jewelry, fake gold coins, fabric, jeweled pin, belt, glow stick, make up.

This costume is fairly time consuming so start early so you have plenty of time to finish. It was well worth it, it was a major hit at school and also on Halloween when we went trick-or-treating. After making the costume belt threw your pants loops, cut to slits in the back of the costume and pull belt and buckle to the back of the costume and buckle.

This held up the costume great and left the hands free to collect candy. Enjoy!