This X-Wing fighter pilot costume is really simple and pretty cheap to make. Firstly I “borrowed” an orange overall/boiler suit from work and some 20mm black webbing, it was on a roll and I used about 4m of it. I also “borrowed” some flexible ribbed pipe about 1m in length.

Next I bought two of the XXL sleeveless vests, I got the largest I could find as I am pretty tall. I got my good lady (cheers Luce X) to sew pleats into the vest and also sow the webbing to look like the harness straps around the waist and the knees. For the chest box I downloaded a few images and then drew it out in AutoCad (computer drawing package).

I have attached a Jpeg of the boxes matrix below, I printed it out a few times, glued it to a semi thin cardboard box and taped/glued it into shape. Then I pierced a hole in the bottom of the chest box and threaded the flexible pipe into it, making sure it was in and secure. The helmet a present from a friend but I hardly had it on and the costume works without it.

You could maybe add gloves, boots etc if you wanted to but I ran out of time.