I know that the face paint on the L.O.D costumes is lacking, we were running a 3 mile obstical course/mud pit race.  and we did not want it to run into our eyes. The spikes are made of foam cones from the craft store, they don’t come with pointy tips so I wrapped them with several sheets of news paper and rolled them to a sharp point.  Then wrapped them with red duck tape to make the water proof.

Attaching them was the hard part. Glue will not work because the plastic is to smooth for it to bond to.  So I used drywall screws by pushing the plastic piece into the bottom of the foam and covering it with tape then drilling the screw through the shoulder pads and screwing the spike on.  Worked great and very solid.  We did have to add Velcro extensions to our Championship belts cuz we are to fat!

The worst part was walking around for two days with a reverse mow hawk haircut!!  The costumes were a big hit, and we must have took a hundred pics with little kids all day long.