The Woody and Buzz Costumes (College Edition) were actually very simple to make and turned out to be very cheap as well!


For Buzz, the clothing I needed was a plain white tshirt, a pair of long white socks, leggings, and green shorts.

To make the T-shirt (which was fairly simple), I used black, purple, and neon green spray paint and used duck tape and cardboard to cover the parts I didn’t want painted. The red was colored in with a…dry erase marker.

For the hands, I used the socks and cut out some holes for my fingers and spray painted the top of each of them.

On to the Jetpack: I found a box that my roommate had from the TV she bought. I used the Styrofoam from the TV packaging for the middle and used spray paint, for the wings, I used cardboard and construction paper as well as markers to get what i wanted and then duck taped everything together!

The straps on the jet pack were made with duck tape as well!



For woody, the clothing needed was a yellow long sleeved tshirt, jean shorts, wide brown belt and a large white plain tshirt, also a red bandana.

The yellow shirt was colored with red stripes with a dry erase marker (all we had at the time!). For the vest, a white shirt was cut up to resemble the vest and the cow print was spray painted in.

Toy gun and cowboy hat were found at the dollar store!


Super fun to make and turned out great!