We decided to go dressed as a Homemade Wizard of Oz Family Costume this year. You wouldn’t believe how much people loved our costumes and they were very easy to put together.

The Scarecrow: A green long-sleeved shirt of mama’s and a pair of black sweatpants. I cut raffia and stuck it to duct tape, and taped it INSIDE the sleeves and cuffs of the pants as straw. He wore his rubber critter-tending boots, white fits-all gloves, and a black cowboy hat from our costume box. The hood was a length of muslin I had in a box in the basement, tied with the same twine that I tied his sleeves and waist with, unraveling the edge a little. The make-up makes all the difference.

The Tin Man: My husband spray-painted poster board, and I cut lengths to wrap his upper and lower arms/legs with (fastening with duct tape in the back). We coated his rubber boots with duct tape, and added gray fits-all gloves. The collar was a little tricky to cut, but nothing horrific. We also spray-painted a funnel and strung elastic to hold it on.

Dorothy: I dyed her socks blue with Kool-aid, and lucked out, finding a costume (with ruby slippers!) on Craigslist for $10. We twisted her bangs and hair back, then tied it just about the curls (she wore rollers to bed for this). The basket was yard sale and typically holds my matchless socks in the laundry room!

Toto: The body is a Daffy Duck costume with no mask for 50-cents at Goodwill. The hat was part of a dalmatian costume we used shoe polish to darken.

Lion: Another Goodwill costume, for 99-cents.

Glenda: This was a sparkly prom dress I scored for $10 at Goodwill. The crown and wand were painted silver, the crown cut out of poster board and decorated with glitter and gem stickers. The wand was a length of PVC with a poster board/glitter star stapled to the top. I draped a length of pink material because it had no sleeves, and added long gloves from e-Bay.