for many years I wanted to go as Winifred Sanderson from Hocus Pocus. I could never find a costume so I finally got the courage to try and make one myself. I did not use a real pattern. I took old clothes of mine and used them as a layout and then added to them.

I bought fabric at Joann fabrics to make the under dress and over coat. I bought gold trip for lace up at Wal-mart. I used old boots of mine and spray painted them black. I made my earrings from beads I already had and found a broach I used as a belt buckle at thrift store. I used bendable metal from Ace hardware to make collar on dress.
I used ripped up pillow cases and tied my hair up and slept in it overnight to get curly, then teased it.

I used Styrofoam cones and glued them to headband and wrapped my hair around it to get cone shape. I used old cape as a pattern to make new cape for costume and bought stripped tights at Walmart.
overall price was probably around $100, pricey, but considering cheap store bought costumes are around $50, it was so worth it! Probably my favorite costume I have ever made and worn!