From the time my granddaughter (who lives in another state) was six years old she has wanted to be the Wendy’s Restaurant girl for Halloween.  My daughter and I searched online and catalogs for a Wendy’s costume (including finding this site) but never found one that we liked.  That just would never do for the Nana!!!

I found a picture on eBay of a Wendy’s doll and got my idea from there.  First I started looking for a blue/white striped material.  My best friend and I spent a whole day going from store to store but, alas, no blue/white striped material in our town.  Okay.  Internet, here I come again.  Finally found it on Amazon’s site and ordered.  We spent the next day searching for a pattern similar to the doll’s dress that I had found.  Picked up a couple different ones at Hobby Lobby and came home to get started.  You also need to know that I haven’t sewed in about twenty years, so that alone was a big step for me, but it’s for the grand kid. . .

I got my daughter to measure the granddaughter while I waited on the phone, and with measurements in hand, I got started.  Actually, it was fun and I had not forgotten as much as I thought I had.  Of course there were a few rip-outs and starting over, but all in all, it turned out pretty good.

Then I just had to wing it on the apron, and that’s when I got creative.  I was trying to figure out how to make a plain dress into a Wendy costume when I remembered a phase of doing iron-on tee shirts several years back and after searching, found a couple of leftover sheets.  Then I went back to the Internet to copy some logos from Wendy’s, which were very easy to find.  Just loaded these into my PrintMaster program and Voila! a personalized Wendy’s outfit.

Next I purchased a wig with red pigtails (used for Pippi or Wendy) and some red/white horizontal striped leggings.  With my outfit complete, I headed to Mississippi to surprise my granddaughter, who was ten last year  when this took place.

Needless to say, she was elated. She had a Taekwondo party before trick-or-treat and when she walked in everyone clapped for her.  She was very proud and happy and so was I.

I’m especially glad I did it now because that was her last year of trick or treat because she’s tall and her mother told her she was too old to go again this year.  On top of that, she has Type 1 diabetes and she doesn’t need all those sweets anyway!  It just does my heart good to make my grandchildren happy!