This Homemade Wednesday Addams and Thing Costume was my daughter’s idea. She has always had a ‘dark’ sense of humour! My mother made a simple pilgrim dress out of black cotton, with the white color and cuffs. We had the belt already as it came with a purchased skirt. We used black tights (over a second pair to be warm enough for Trick or Treating!)and black shoes. We braided her hair into 2 braids, making sure to cover her ears, and then used black hair spray ( done in the tub!) to cover her entire head. We found a severed hand at the local store and used a saw to cut off the ‘ gore’ at the wrist.

Using black thread, I sewed ‘Thing’ to her shoulder winding it in and out of 2 holes I made at the bottom using my scrapbooking holepuncher. When it was time to head out, I stuffed a green glow in the dark necklace into the hand and it gave off an eerie glow in the dark.