I started my Homemade Ursula The Sea Witch Costume from a simple black corset and hoop skirt. I built the ocean skirt with blue fabric and different color streamer fabric pieces that were attached to the blue skirt. The tentacles I made with black fabric that would match the corset and look like one piece and satin purple fabric.

I then attached clear ornament balls to look like bubbles. I sewed each tentacle individually then cut out blue bubble wrap circles and glued them on for suckers. I inserted a wire piping into each tentacle for structure and then stuffed them. I attached the tentacles to a belt like piece that I also stuffed to make me look fatter. There was elastic inside, and the whole piece attached like a belt that I could take on and off.

I used fishing string to hold the tentacles up more, and two of them I put elastic on to attach to my wrist moving when I moved. The shell necklace was a Christmas tree ornament I made into a necklace. I covered my upper body in gray and purple stage makeup. I did my eye makeup with stage makeup, and wore appropriate eye lashes. I used black eyelash glue for my mole.

The earrings were shells that I painted purple. My hair is my real hair teased up and sprayed with white hair spray. I painted some finger extension purple to lengthen my hands. And to top it off added Triton’s crown and trident, which I made out of a head band and cardboard and a broom stick and card board.

My outfit was complete with a heavy spray of glitter to give it that Disney look. I stayed in character through every wear and even performed her “Poor Unfortunate Souls” song for some friends.