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Coolest Ursula the Sea Witch and Ariel Costumes 2

by Kaley S.

Homemade  Ursula the Sea Witch and Ariel Costumes

Homemade Ursula the Sea Witch and Ariel Costumes

My 2 year old niece is obsessed with Disney princesses. Her favorite princess is Ariel from The Little Mermaid. Last year she decided to be Ariel for Halloween. I thought I’d come home from school to surprise her and go trick or treating with her. Unfortunately she was scared to death of me and wouldn’t look at me until ¾ of the way through the night. Anyway, the Ursula the Sea Witch and Ariel Costumes were relatively easy to make.

-First I bought some cheap/ on sale black satiny fabric and some stretchy purple fabric. I cut out 6 large oblong triangular shapes of each color fabric about the length of my waist to my feet. On my machine I paired a purple and black triangle and sewed right sides together leaving the wide top open.

Then I turned them all right side out and stuffed them full of poly-fill. Next I hand-sewed the “tentacles” to a black tube top I created using the same black fabric. I dyed a long-sleeve white tee to a light lavender color and wore it under the tube top.

I wore black leggings, black bike shorts, and black “ballet” house slippers under the "tentacles". I did the hair and make-up myself as well. I used white and black hair color sprays and tons of hairspray and gel to make my hair look like that.

The make-up took quite a while, complete with tons of black eyeshadow, fake lashes, red lipstick, and drawn on beauty mark. I "whited-out" my face, neck, and ears with some white cream make-up and white powder before doing eyes and lips.

I finished the whole look off with a choker/necklace I made by gluegunning a seashell to some black ribbon. I also wore some of my mom’s old round purple earrings.

It was one of the best costumes I’ve ever worn and the first I’ve ever made myself. Unfortunately I can't take credit for making her Ariel costume, her grandma did it. Aren’t we so cute?

 Urusula The Sea Witch Costume Costume

 Urusula The Sea Witch Costume Costume

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Really cool
by: Laura

Kudos you both look fantastic!

by: Anonymous

would you be willing to sell your Ursula costume or "rent" it and I will ship it back. (just the tentacle part).

Great Costume!!!
by: Isabel G. Gonzales

Love your great idea, thanks for sharing. I'll try and make one myself, I already have the black and white hair. Or white in hair.

Ursula and Ariel
by: Amanda

I LOVE your costume! I've been trying to do themes with my daughter each year. Last year we were Cruela De Vil and "Patch" from 101 Dalmations. This year my daughter wants to be Ariel and I thought it would be great to be Ursula. This gives me hope to make something myself to save money! Thanks! You both look AWESOME!!!

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