I have always dressed up with my daughter and this was no different. She was Ariel and so I had to be Ursula. I found this site after Halloween so I can’t send pictures of HOW I made this Homemade Ursula and Ariel Couple Costume but can walk you thru it.

1. I am a rather large lady, so I didn’t feel quite comfortable actually wearing a black corset. So I bought a long sleeved purple shirt and hand-painted the black corset.
2. For the tentacles, I used a cut up mattress topper to get the effect of the suction cups. I painted the top black and underside purple. I threaded a wire hanger thru each one and attached to a hula hoop. I then covered that with a black skirt that was torn up. The tentacles were curved up to look like they were floating.
3. I made a necklace with black material and used a seashell to represent Ariels’ stolen voice.
4. I freeze sprayed my hair up and painted it silver. I painted my face purple and wore black boots.

For Ariel:
1. We took a nude bodysuit and added a lite purple training bra and made the “shell” with Sharpie marker. Originally, we used air dry clay but they fell apart.
2. Sewed the “tail” with fish-like lame’ fabric and tulle.
3. Long wig, sprayed red. but then she liked just her hair sprayed.