What could be more beautiful if not for two lovers fill the shoes of the pair of true story of Ulysses and Penelope? This mask was designed because my partner had a beard like the images of Ulysses. This Ulysses and Penelope couple costume  is quite challenging especially with regard to accessories. The tunic of Ulysses is a souvenir from a trip to Tunisia but it’s good enough a nightgown. The tunic Penelope is an old nightgown grandmother. Accessories Ulysses i.e. bracelets and leggings were shaped on the cardboard and wrapping paper decorated with golden mantras for the helmet we used a paper bag shaped covered with paper mache and then painted. The sword was carved from a piece of wood and then painted.

Penelope’s accessories were easier. The band in her hair is a 70 year old belt studded with gems and the braid was entwined with a chain inexpensive. The frame so as we see are four pieces of Lego glued and twisted wires.