I made this Toothless from How to Train Your Dragon Costume for my 4 year old son. The shirt and pants are just black sweats. The dragon Toothless, the main dragon, from the movie How to Train a Dragon has a large flat head more like a catfish so I used cardboard and foam to make the shape and sewed black material that had shiny small triangles on it over the cardboard and foam and attached it to a black baseball hat.

I glued large eyes and dragon spikes cut from felt pieces. I would use a more sturdy hat to attach it to since it did wobble on his head a bit. I sewed the tail with spikes and stuffed it with coat hanger wire and stuffing to make sure it kept its shape. The tail and wings were attached to his back with black elastic around his shoulders like a backpack. The wings weren’t easy but I think they worked out in the end. I bent coat hanger wire to a large shape like Toothless and sewed black crepe material around the wires and added some cuts to make them look imperfect.