We had the idea for this Homemade TMNT Costume a while back, and the execution of making them completely homemade was quite a task! We knew we wanted dresses, but we each wanted them to look a little different (strapless, halter, one strap, straps).

We started with the dresses, painted the chest plate with brown acrylic paint onto beige lycra fabric and sewed it on. Brown lycra fabric was used for the belts. For the shells, we used planter basket liners, reinforced with wire, hot glued felt onto them, then painted the shells. We sewed on straps and a small tote bag on the inside so we didn’t have to carry our purses.

Lastly, we found poly satin fabric for each turtle color and sewed the strips for accents. Our masks and letters are made of fun foam with glitter. The only item purchased were the weapons! All in all, we are a hit at parties!