I made this Homemade Thomas the Train Costume for my 3 year old son who LOVES Thomas the Train. I had some old square foam packing material laying around. I always said I was going to make something out of it but I never did until now. I picked up some yarn and a yarn needle and started sewing the pieces together. It was pretty simple construction. I then painted it. When it was all done I thought this is not very practical for a 3 year old to go walking for long distances trick-or-treating so I started looking around for wheels. It turns out that this costume is very versatile.

I poked to holes in the top and the umbrella stroller handles fit through and it allows my son to just have his head peeking out of the top as I push him down the sidewalk in the stroller. However, that method doesn’t work well for him to get in and out since he has to crawl in underneath. So I borrowed a wagon from my friend and I tie-wrapped a small Disney chair to it. Turns out that is the best way because it sets right on top of the wagon and his head sticks out the farthest. Also if he decides to get out and walk it isn’t attached so it lifts right up and he climbs out with ease.

The whole thing weighs about a pound and I was very shocked how Jacob could actually walk while he was inside it too. I was also proud of the fact that the whole thing cost only 2 dollars for the train whistle that I bought as an accessory. The foam was free, the paint and yarn was left-over. The light and chair was bought for around the house, the wagon was borrowed.