After searching the web for weeks trying to find a Thomas the Tank Halloween costume and only found those boring apron like costumes. I found inspiration from other parents who made their own Thomas the Tank costumes.

I began with a cardboard box that fit almost perfectly over my son’s wagon. Then took an old bucket and used that as the “head” for Thomas. I used the pieces that I had cut out to construct the back part of Thomas which made a perfect place to store candy, a coat, and my camera while out trick or treating. Black construction paper covered the bucket and I used a pickle jar to hold dry ice for the “smoke” stack then surrounded that with construction paper as well.

I used brown paper tape to help construct the body as well as cover any words on the box so they wouldn’t show through the paint. It took me two days to paint the body because I wanted nice straight lines, so I had to tape off each section of color one at a time and let it dry before painting the next.

The time and effort was well worth it and the “paint job” turned out great! I used duct tape on the inside to secure the body to the wagon. I did discover that hot water is a necessary component for making “smoke” with dry ice. I spent less than $20 all together and the only things purchased from the store was some paint, a conductors hat, and a bandanna.

I was very grateful that after a long night of trick or treating, I could pull my tired little conductor home in his train along with his load of candy! It was fun to see other Thomas the Tank fans get excited when they saw a life size Thomas coming down the street and my son has the coolest wagon in the neighborhood to play in!

Thomas the Tank Costume

Thomas the Tank Costume