This year my husband and I went as the Maitlands from beetlejuice. Using whatever tools we had in the garage, plus a few new ones like a dremel, my husband craved out the masks using pink foam insulation. After carving the basic shape, he cut out the head hole to custom fit to each of our heads. Every day we had to bring it in the house (the garage is not heated and it gets cold here in October) to re-set the glue. He carved the details like the pulled skin and the teeth using the dremel. Finally after three weeks of painstaking carving and being covered in foam shavings, they were ready to be painted. First we used mod podge to seal the foam, didn’t want the paint to soak right in. Then two coats of flesh colored paint, red for the gums and tongue and white for the teeth. BAM! It was ready for hair and eyeballs. The dollar store provided the perfect wig for Mrs. Maitland and we found a scrap piece of brown fun fur at my mom’s house. Added the eyes and they were perfect. Won best couple at the party and tons of people took our pictures. I’m still getting compliments a week later! Best costume yet! Can’t wait until next year!