This was our Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Costumes for a Uni cruise. We came up with the idea about 2 days before it and went shopping the next day. We brought a green pair of socks each and 8 pairs of green leggings, one pair for our legs and one pair we partially tore in the crotch and put over our arms and shoulders.

It’s surprisingly hard to find yellow underwear and singlets so we just bought white ones and dyed them over the afternoon then used a texta to draw the belly and chest bits on the front. Overall apart from our necks and faces and armpits, we were entirely green and yellow.
to make the masks and arm bands we cut up some old pillowcases.

We shopped for less than an hour and spent roughly $20 per person including the dye.
It took a hectic half hour to get sorted out and dressed and we made a huge mess, but it was totally worth it

We stuck out individually and looked great as a group. Big success!