So each year my Fire Dept holds a charity 80’s party to benefit a different organization. I could think of no better 80’s costume than good ol’ Teen Wolf in Basketball Uniform Costume. I have done this costume in the past, but never with the basketball uniform and full body hair. It was a very time consuming costume to prepare, but well worth it in the end as I won the costume contest. What you need to get for this costume is obviously #1 the basketball uniform. They are available on eBay pretty cheap as well as other various costume sites.

The package includes shorts, jersey, and socks. The headband I picked up at a local sporting good store. I really wanted to get a yellow one but they were near impossible to find, I suggest checking online or dying one if you must have a yellow headband. You can buy clothing dye at Walmart if need be. Next you will need the body hair. For the best results I suggest buying a few wigs of higher quality, available at costume shops such as Bartz’s for around $25 a pop. I used 3 brown long hair wigs. I have seen people use a full body hair suit, but for the best results I opted to fore go this route. If you look at the movie for reference you can see the hair is almost a patchy kind of look and you can see skin under the hair.

You can buy a “werewolf kit” that includes makeup and hair. I do not suggest that you use this hair as it is very stringy and falls apart easily. I did however use the makeup. You will also need a wig for your head, I used a similar brown hair wig for the head as I used for the body hair, but this wig had a sort of slicked back look just as MJF had in the movie. Lastly I bought a set of Vampire fangs at the same costume store, these fangs were about $20 and are moldable to your teeth and also reusable. I almost forgot, to apply the body hair I used spirit gum. DO NOT FORGET THE SPIRIT GUM REMOVER. I did forget it and the gum was a pain in the you know what to remove. With all the materials in hand.

Step 1: Cut the hair from wigs to be used for the body hair. You will need to cut some longer sections for the legs and shoulders specifically, as well as a few shorter sections to patch any bald spots. At this time it is best to also apply the makeup. Use dark around the eyes and nose, and a tan on the face.

Step 2: I then poured all the spirit gum into a large bowl and used a grill marinade brush to apply the spirit gum in larger quantities to save time. If you use the brush provided with the spirit gum plan on this process to take a very long time as the brush provided is very small.

Step 3: I started with the legs applying spirit gum very liberally, then patting it to get it tacky and sticky. Start with the lower leg just above the socks going from front to back, and moving up the leg all the way to the thigh. You may need help as getting your backside is kinda difficult.

Step 4: Arms. This time start with your shoulders using the longer sections of hair to start and using the short sections to patch. Move down the arm all the way to the wrist.

Step 5: Face. Use a picture from the movie for reference as this helps a lot. Start with your neck, under your chin. Same applies as the body hair, use the wigs you selected for body hair both long sections and short sections. You will make a base for the beard under your chin. Then do your chin, I started in the middle of my chin, then did the corners of my jaw moving toward the chin repeating the same for both sides of my jaw.

Step 6: Cheeks. Last part of the face is the cheeks. Apply longer sections of hair to the cheeks, mostly just the cheek bones as you do not need to apply hair all the way to the jawline from the cheeks.

Step 7: Lastly if you have the fangs, and have already molded them, (I suggest doing that while sitting around before getting ready) put them in. Put your wig and headband on, grab an old pair of athletic shoes and that’s it! Make sure to carry around an extra bottle of spirit gum with you as the hair does have a tendency to “shed” as you may start to sweat. Do not forget to watch the movie and practice your teen wolf dance! I will attach pics of my finished costume as well as a pic of MJF in his teen wolf suit for reference.