I first got the idea from this site after I saw a child as the marshmallow man. It was done very cute, but with my ideas of grandeur, I dreamed up something more for this Stay Puft Marshmallow Man Halloween costume

For reference I found a picture through Google of the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man small toy and I based my costume around that.

I began with plastic green chicken wire, about 11 dollars for way more than necessary from a major hardware store. From this I shaped the different body parts, the arms and legs first in three cylindrical sections. I used twist ties to join the sections and measured it off my own body proportions free hand.

For the head, I found a box used from work (a restaurant) and cut off the sides and used to form a type of rounded rectangle like a marshmallow, and covered it with crumpled plastic bags to give contours like cheeks. I cut the eyes and mouth out freehand and covered the whole head in white fleece.

The hat was made out of plastic bags, masking tape and white fleece as well, no wire. A visor flipped up was used as the base of the beret.

I also constructed a marshmallow shooter from online directions out of PVC pipe and shot marshmallows all night. Cost about $3 dollars to make!

I constructed the arms separate, and the legs and belly seperate, then joined together. I used a 2XL white sweatshirt to cover the arms and my chest and half my belly. White fleece from any fabric store covered my legs and bottom of my belly. I spent about 15 dollars on all the fabric and top.

I used blue, white and red felt pieces and white lettering for the beret saying Stay-Puft just like the figurine. Tacky glue joined the fabric to the masking tape and plastic bags

I began working on this costume Oct 10th for about 2 hours a night and was happy with the outcome. I won 1 contest and got second at another. I was a celebrity for about an hour and took many pictures with random strangers.

It was great. Total cost about $30.