I am cheap and refused to pay $40 for a costume for my 2 year old. I found this website and saw the one where she made a Spongebob Halloween costume out of a paper bag. It required no sewing (which I can’t do) so I tried it!

I went to a fabric store and picked up a yard of yellow felt and felt squares in red, blue, white, brown and black. They were only $1.00 each. We coverd the paper bag with the yellow felt with spray adhesive and hot glued the edges to make it more secure.

I didn’t have ink in my printer so I just found a picture of Spongebob online and blew it up to the size that would work and traced it on paper right off my screen. Then I used that as a template for cutting out the felt. I used black as a background for everything (the nose, teeth, etc.) to give it a 3 dimensional look. Then I used spray adhesive, it wasn’t very fun with the felt. The felt was all over my fingers, I wished I used the hot glue gun instead. I cut the bag up the back like the other woman did but I stapled it up near his neck because it made him mad that is would slip off his shoulders.

Everyone loved it and nobody believed that is was a paper bad. I had to pull some of the felt away to prove it! :0) I was proud of myself, it wasn’t hard, just time consuming. I spend a total of $12.00 and it took about 3 hours. Now it is hanging on my son’s wall because I can’t bring myself to throw it away!

I think we just started a new tradition to making costumes! It was really fun!