SpongeBob is one of our favorite fictional characters. He is a little silly but innocent, honest, hard-working, kind, and friendly. Our 5 yr. old daughter loves Spongebob, so we built a Spongebob Halloween costume for her at home. It was a great craft project for the family.

The design choices we made were related to size, materials, and how she would interact with others while wearing the costume. The costume needed to look good, but be sturdy enough to walk around, dance, and collect candy in.

We acquired a sheet of 1 in. thick white foam, a 12x20x20 in. rectangular box, fabric colors, marker pens, and some Velcro tape.

Step 1. We cut the foam into two sheets (12 in. x 20 in.), and painted the outer sides yellow using fabric paint. We used markers to draw the face, and cut holes for the eyes. We glued construction paper to the inside faces of the foam sheets to provide stiffness / stability.

Step 2. We cut and glued white poster paper to the outside of the box. Then we drew and painted Spongebob’s white shirt, red tie, brown pants, and black belt on the paper.

Step 3. We glued the bottom 4 in. of the foam sheets to the front and back faces of the box. Then we attached two cloth suspender belts to wear the costume.

Step 4. Our daughter wore her Spongebob 2-piece cotton thermals, a white half-shirt, her black dress shoes, and yellow gloves before stepping into the costume. We gave her a spatula to finish.

From the front and back the costume looks like almost like Spongebob. We left the sides open because we did not want our daughter to get claustrophobic, or get suffocated. Additionally, she was able to talk and interact with many others. She felt like she was part of the party, not cooped up in a costume.

The costume was very sturdy and stable. She went trick or treating in it, and attended a costume / dance party. It is intact, and still sitting in her room for show-and-tell. We are really proud of it.

We are also thankful to this site for inspiring us to work hard on this project. Looking at all the other handmade costumes was a great inspiration.

Spongebob Costume