The frame for the tail of this Spaceballs Barf costume was a thick plastic hose, the end split for about two inches to allow for fixing it to the “butt patch” that pins on the back of the cargo pants. Covering that is a shaped piece of long shaggy fur, shaded with Halloween hair spray. I used hot glue to keep it in place. Plastic boning from a craft store held the shape of the ears, which pinned to the wig. More hot glue and canvas.

The mechanics’ style name tag I embroidered with my sewing machine and basted with a hand needle to the shirt, found at a thrift store. Three “channels” of fur formed the feet, protruding out of outgrown shoes with the front cut out with the help of a box-cutter exacto knife,  they would actually flap up to allow big feet to still be comfortable. Hot glue was my friend.

I used standard white and brown face makeup and brown eyeliner and eyeshadow to make sure it lasted all night.