This is a great costume that got a lot of compliments. Some people were confused when they saw this, but most recognized the hair. It is a fairly easy costume to do.

Dog: To make the dog I paper mached a stuffed animal (that was actually a panda!). Make sure to show the tail and ears to show that it is in fact a dog! I did 3 layers of paper mache to make it nice and hard.

Find Dress: This was actually the hardest step for me. I wanted to find a slinky dress just like Mary’s in the movie. This was hard in the fall but I found this one at a salvation army. Make sure it is fitted.

Hair: This is the key to the costume. Make sure you have a firm gel. Stick your hair up as much as possible and spray it to death with maximum hold hairspray. Then you are done!

Ted: We did Ted dressed in his regular clothes but he held the dog for most of the night. Easy!