I started this Homemade SNL Church Lady Costume with a purple dress and shoes from Goodwill. I intentionally purchased an extra large size so that I could stuff the front and back side to give it a more realistic woman look.

For the back I placed two pillows on my butt and used a belt to hold them in place and then pulled on a pair of full body pantyhose to round everything out correctly.

For the front side I poured about two cups of bird seed into two different knee high pantyhose and tied them together. I then just slung them over my neck to give the appearance of a full figured woman.

The primary focus of the costume was the “church hat”. I started with a basic straw gardener hat which I then covered in purple duct tape to match the dress. I then adorned the hat with plastic fruits, flowers and feathers and stuff that I purchased from a craft store.

The final touch of the hat was putting a small pot of real flowers and attaching a sprig of real grapes. The shoes can’t be seen in this photo but were just a pair of white high heels to go with the white gloves. I picked a small purse to carry on my arm as an accessory and worked perfect to hold my real wallet and the little bible I carried.

During the night as I would strike up conversations I would randomly pull a real grape off the hat and eat it which added to the hilarious factor. I was told by many people that the costume would also pass for Queen Elizabeth costume.

The Homemade SNL Church Lady Costume was rather cheap to make. The dress, shoes, purse, and straw hat came to around $15. The decorations for the hat were roughly the same cost, so it was around $30 for the costume.