For my Church lady costume I first got the idea by watching an old episode of SNL and the church lady came on. I had forgotten how much I loved that skit then I decided I was going to be the church lady for Halloween.

I set out to make the costume because they did not sell it in stores. So I knew I need the dress and jacket to be perfect. I looked every where for the right colored outfit and couldn’t find anything. Then right when I was going to change my mind and do something else for Halloween I came across the perfect style outfit at a discount store but it was all white. It felt like a giant light bulb lit up over my head when I decided to dye the white outfit.

I ran to the craft store, bought some white fabric, the same type of fabric as the outfit and tons of Rite Dye all different shades of purple and blue and pink (to mix if I needed to). I tested the white fabric I bought to see what color/mix worked best for the color I wanted. Which in this case was purple and a little denim blue. **I would suggest if you try to recreate this outfit mix your own colors to make sure you get the right mixture for the fabric your using all fabrics absorb the dye differently.**

After I dyed the out fit I bought some navy blue fabric and cut it into 2 inch strips to make the details on the dress and jacket. I am not much of a sewing kind of girl so I bought some iron activated tape and just attached the blue stripes according to the package directions.

Once the dress was complete I bought some knee high nylon socks and used a pair of my slippers and bought a pair of cat-eyed glasses and popped out the lens to make the outfit complete.

The final step in my costume was my hair. I have very long hair, so I took big sections and curled it with a large 3″ curling iron then rolled the hair up and pinned it in place so I had eight big rolled curls on my head. I spread out the curled part to fill in the gaps then sprayed my whole head with white and sliver hairspray that I got from the Halloween/party store.

This by far was one of my favorite Halloween costume ever! And I made it!