Every Sunday at church a gentleman gives my son a bag of skittles. I told him if he didn’t stop one day my son would turn into a bag of skittles, so this year we made it happen. We made him a skittles costume.

I took a large vinyl lined tablecloth, a large man’s red long sleeved t-shirt and a baby’s room rainbow wall decor all found at goodwill. I folded the tablecloth and sewed around the edges, then I cut the sleeves and head from the shirt and sewed into the tablecloth for the face and arms. I took off the clouds from the wall decor and glued it to the front. I printed out word art from excel for the letters to use as stencils. I used 8 1/2 x 11 sheets of self adhesive felt sheets to make the letters and circles. I then printed out using excel & a color printer “Original fruit, taste the rainbow, bite sized candies, net wgt 70lbs” all on label paper and stuck them to the costume.

I added additional little skittles to his bag of goodies. We made sure to trick or treat to our inspirations house. And again this Sunday he received his favorite treat after church.