We are always on the look out for a great couples costume, and because we are of the “fuller figure” population – great costumes are few and far between. We have had Shrek and Princess Fiona as plan B for a few years. 2011 was the year we had to do it, I am happy we did. The Shrek and Princess Fiona Costumes were mostly homemade.

Shrek’s pants are sewn from a men’s pj set (McCall’s easy endless options #4244), the flannel is not an exact match, but it is as close as I could get. Shrek’s vest is a faux fur that had a spiral nap, which simulates the crocodile skin well, tied with a brown shoe lace. I used the button down pj shirt pattern (minus the sleeves) from the mens pj set to get the right fit for the vest.

Shrek’s shirt is a plain white long sleeve shirt, washed in tea to give the dingy appearance. Shrek’s belt is a braided belt dyed to a darker brown. Shrek’s ogre ears are hand made from Polymer Clay. The ogre ears are attached to Shrek’s head with IV patches, we have a few diabetic friends with insulin pumps who suggested this idea. We simply cut an “X” in the patch and fed the ogre ear through and placed on the freshly shaved head.

The make up is a mix of flesh toned foundation, green and white costume make up, then applied with a foam sponge. The green gloves are just that, green gloves from the $1 section of the
fabric store.

Princess Fiona’s dress was created from McCall’s Costumes #M5954 pattern, minus the puffy sleeves. I bought a nicer satin so that I would not have to worry about wrinkles and the die running if the dress got wet. My dress is machine washable. I added a gold and green trim to the neck line and the waste to give the dress some dimension. Fiona’s necklace is gold glass beads, purchased at Walmart. I braided 3 single strands for a chunkier look.

The green gloves are store bought, from the $1 section of the fabric store. Fiona’s shoes are faux fur lined green slippers. Fiona’s wig is a “Shrek” official Fiona wig. Fiona’s makeup is fashioned from a great Fiona makeup tutorial on
YouTube. The make up is a mix of flesh toned foundation, green and white costume make up, then applied with a foam sponge, and then eye make purchased from Coastal Scents.

We had tons of fun as Shrek and Princess Fiona. I hope that this will help anyone who is thinking of being Shrek, Princess Fiona or both. Happy creating.