My son had just watched the “Little Shop of Horrors” movie, and decided he wanted to be Seymour while holding the plant Audrey II- like in the scene where he goes to the radio station for an interview by John Candy. You cant see his arm very good from the picture, but his right arm in the jacket is a fake and has a hand attached to the planter to look as if he is holding it. His hand is actually inside the head of the plant that we had made into a puppet. He also had his ipod with the “feed me” song recorded, and played it out loud while the plant “sang” with it.

I made the head with polyurethane foam, making the two halves of the head shape, and hot gluing together. I used more foam for the lips. I then inserted a cardboard/foam mouth plate inside the mouth and secured with hot glue. I then duck taped everything, which I’m not sure was the best idea, but this way I knew the latex and paint would work good. It did however restrict the ease of moving the puppet mouth, but still worked.

I put stretched out cotton balls on a small amount of liquid latex, all over the head, and then put some more latex over the cotton balls to give the head the plant skin texture. I did two coats of this and let dry over night. The end result was rubbery and very cool.

I blended acrylic paints for the details, cut a plastic planter in the back for his arm to fit, and hot glued fake plant leaves all around to make sure it covered his arm. He absolutely loved it!

He was a hit trick or treating in his Homemade Seymour from Little Shop of Horrors Costume, and at the school dance. The only picture I have of making the head, is when the liquid latex and cotton ball texture was drying. This was a lot of fun.