I have an adoration for the beauty and essence of peacock feathers and decided to rock this essence this Halloween. I knew it was going to cost a pretty penny because I tend to think big, but I am lucky enough to have this ability to drop some cash on this project.

I had a great time trying to figure out how to make it work which took just about as long as it did to put together. I made the tail to where it would fan out when I pulled some string because I knew that would just look killer, and get some great reactions.

I began by ordering a bunch of different feathers of a peacock from wholesale online. I ordered 200 tail feathers and a lot more of the blue and yellow feathers for the stomach area and tail area.

I sewed some feathers on a plain black corset and glued/sewed specific feather patterns. I also sewed lace around the top. I rocked fish-net stockings as well as some other thigh-high stockings and some gloves to add some elegance. I glued a black ostrich feather, a peacock feather, and some blue feathers to a mini hat to top it off.