This sexy candy costume was inspired by my sheer LOVE of candy. The entire costume aside from the stockings was made entirely of candy or from its wrappers. I wanted something sexy and eye catching and believe me it turned out to be both.

First, I started by taking a cheap bra I found at target and completely covering it in candy I bought at a local candy shop. I used E6000 glue to glue on each individual piece of candy and then used a clear spray sealant adhesive to seal the candy and keep it safe from ants. It looks completely edible! I then collected different candy wrappers to use for the skirt. Overlapping the wrappers slightly I sewed and glued the wrappers together at their tops. I then sewed a thick white ribbon to the top of the wrappers and glued candy buttons onto the ribbon so that it looked like the candy but was flexible and could tie around my waist.

Accessories were next. I found different candy rings, necklaces and bracelets in party and candy stores first. I then got inspired and made some of my own jewelry. I took old earrings and glued gummy bears to them and sealed them with the clear coat as well. I took old Bengal bracelets and rolled them in glue and then sprinkles, followed by a clear coat. I also “sprinkled” a hair bow and a set of acrylic nails that I glued on right before I went out.

For props I had a large rainbow lollipop and a purse I made out of a Blow Pop bag and carried candy around with me in to pass out to people who tried to literally eat my costume.

I purchased candy cane stockings off line and sprayed my hair pink and added a white cone to resemble cotton candy.

It was the perfect sexy costume for a Las Vegas Halloween.