Continuing with our bird theme, this year my daughter said she wanted to be a Pink Flamingo.  My husband and I were invited to a Halloween Party, and so I decided to have us all get in on the fun.  My husband is 6’7″ and really thought it was going to be hilarious if he got to wear tights…and it was.

I’ll start at the bottom and work my way up:

Feet:  Hot Pink Dish Gloves…he wears a size 14 shoe, so we duct taped his onto his sneakers, for my daughter and I, it was only necessary to slip the gloves over our shoes (her Crocs)

Legs:  Orange tights…found at Target and bought my husband the XXL size. My daughter wore hot pink tights.

Skirt:  I wore one of my hot pink tennis skirts, my husband wore a pair of hot pink women’s exercise shorts…over that I took about ten yards to tulle in hot pink and light pink and cut strips of tulle into about twenty four inch lengths.  Then, over a piece of elastic waistband that I pre-measured for each of our waists and pinned together, I tied the fabric pieces over the waistband…making “tutus”….

Top:  My husband wore a hot pink women’s t-shirt. I had a hot pink bustier from my collection.  My laughter wore a light pink child’s leotard.  We adorned ourselves with hot pink boas.

Headpiece:  Using pink foam visors from Michaels, and foam balls that I flatted out on the bottom, I hot glue gunned the hot pink feather boas around the white foam balls.  I then hot glued the foam balls to the hot pink visors.  I added large “googley” eyes and then took an extra large black pipe cleaner (like a Halloween cat tail) to make the beak.  We secured these headpieces with TONS of bobby pins so that they stayed secure…(we could have done handstands and they would have stayed in place).

For my makeup, I just used pink eyeshadow and fancy eyelashes.

I wore the top of my costume with jeans to go trick or treating my my daughter, and she loved it.