Who didn’t watch Saved by the Bell in the 90’s? Since I have a great love for Saved by the Bell, who else would I want to go as other than Screech Powers?

So, for this Screech Powers Costume, any shirt will do fine. I went with “this is why I’m hot” although I had another one that said “ridin nerdy” with Screech’s face on it.

Then, I went to my local salvation army and found the craziest pants I could find. I also wore suspenders and converse sneakers. The costume was topped off by a curly black wig. Of course, the finishing touch of the costume was the Screech Powers signature lip pucker.

The total cost of the costume was about $40 if you already own the sneakers. I was recognized by almost everyone for this costume. The trick is to find the wackiest pants you can and to make sure the outfit completely clashes.

 Clue Cast Group Costume