I’ve always tried making unique costumes that aren’t as common to make Halloween that much more fun and interesting. This year I decided to get really creative and decided to make a Rubiks Cube homemade Halloween costume. It’s a little time consuming but relatively easy to make. I didn’t see one person with this costume and I couldn’t go 5 minutes without someone wanting pictures or trying to solve me….so it was definetly a huge success!!

The easiest way to make it: go to a local Uhaul store, or storage facility that you would normally get boxes for when you’re moving. Look for a mirror box, or ask them for it (I specifically told them what it was for…which only made them want to help me more, lol). I would buy a few of them in case you mess one up, but you need 3 to make it interactive.

Then I went to Walmart and got black duct tape (I bought 4 to be safe and used almost all of it), colored construction paper (I picked really bright colors to stand out) and a box cutter because it just makes your life a lot easier to cut the boxes. Depending on your size will determine if you want to cut the boxes to be smaller or not so its totally up to you!

I just cut a circle in the middle of 3 boxes making the last one rest on my hips. You can either make it solvable or make some of them match up but really it’s unsolvable haha. I think it was funnier to watch people try and solve it! It took a good 5 or 6 hours to make with help from a friend. It’s a super fun costume. A little tricky getting through crowds but everyone loved the costume so much that they didn’t mind moving out of the way, lol. It’s easy to take on and off too.

Good luck and have a blast!! Happy Halloween.