Our 2006  Roller Derby group costume may be my all time favorite! We went as Roller Derby girls with a ref! Let me first say this…know both where you are going and what the weather is going to be before you decide to do this. We had both rain AND a flight of steps to navigate all night. And yes, one broken ankle by the end of the night…none-the-less…it rocked.

As for how-to..the girls bought roller skates and whatever else they wanted to wear! Anything studded, skulled, rough and tumble etc…was game. With the exception of the skates I think we got 90% of the outfits at thrift and regular Halloween shops. Messy makeup and hair was also in order. We printed out our names on iron-on paper and simply transferred them right on to the back of the shirts. Our ref found his shirt and helmet at a sports store and the rest was thrifted.

We really should have won the contest this year but fell victim to a last minute beer pong costume…still can’t believe it. We did come away with a bottle of Old Crow whiskey though. Kell-on-Wheels used it to numb the ankle pain.