It was comic relief on the 13th of March this year, and me and my friend Nile wanted to do something big. We dress up as something for nearly every occasion, and wanted to impress everybody this time.

We went for the classic Robot Costumes, and was surprisingly easy to make, if a bit time consuming.

We got cardboard boxes from nearby shops, and picked the ones that were best suited for our body sizes.

We cut holes for our heads (only just big enough so they would move around too much when they were on) into the tops of the larger boxes, and arm holes out of the tops of the sides. We then removed the bottom panel of the boxes so we had some room for our legs (and an easy way to get into the suits).

We got the head-size boxes and cut eye and mouth holes out of them, and a head hole in the bottom (the same size as the head hole on the body).

We then set about covering the entities of the boxes in aluminum foil with sticky tape, making it as tight as possible so it wouldn’t flap around too much.

We went to the local pound-shop, and spent about £15 on shiny gadgets and electronic gizmos for the suits, including push-lights, speakers, silver-bowls, and fans with little lights on them – and of course, batteries to power everything.

We took apart a large, old television remote-control and assembled the buttons to look like control panels. We also drew little monitors onto some orange card. We stuck these onto the suits with sticky tape.

Using a combination of super-glue and sticky tape, we attached lots of the gadgets to the suits, and made a little holster for our lightsaber toys out of wire and card.

We created robot names for ourselves, my name is Matt, so I was AUTO-MATT-IC and my friend is Nile, so he became A-NILE-ATOR. We wrote our names in black and red insulation tape onto a spare panel of card, and stuck them onto the backs of the suits. We then attached old bike reflectors, and CDs (shiny side up)t the suits.

With the remaining card, we fashioned leg guards and covered them with aluminum foil.

We wore black hooded sweaters and trousers, and kept our heads in place inside the costumes by wearing big hats. We taped the leg guards onto our trousers with black duct tape. We had identical grey and red gardening gloves to cover our hands as well.

The costumes were an absolute success, but throughout the course of the day, did start to fall apart. In hindsight, we probably should have stuck all the gadgets onto the suits before we put on the aluminum foil as this was the main cause of the suits falling apart. The foil was just too week to hold everything on. Overall however, the suits were amazing, and everybody in the school loved them.