Since Halloween and the Renaissance festival occur at the same time around here, and we had just read Robin Hood, my 8 year old decided he wanted to be the famous outlaw for both events. This was my first real sewing project besides some pillows, so I was pretty nervous.

The pants and shirt are made of linen, by altering ready made patterns. The hat, gambeson, and hood are made of suede microfiber fabric. I made the patterns myself  for the gambeson, hat and hood by using general instructions online. I made a toggle button closure on the hood by cutting, shaping, drilling and staining a wooden dowel and a loop of elastic.

The gauntlets/bracers are made from scrap thin leather, fabric  interfacing and felt for the lining. The belt and boots were thrift store finds. The boots were scuffed and a horrible orange color so I used wood stain to make them more woodsy looking. The bow and arrows are from his toy stash. My son had a blast playing the Prince of Thieves and even came up with a British accent to play the part.