We had a group of people who pulled off the best Redneck Shotgun Wedding EVER!! All us girls got together and went shopping to find the ugliest material we could and had “The mother of the Bride” make our dresses. We found wedding dress, the mother of the bride dress and the flower girl dress at a thrift shop.  We found really ugly dried flowers to match the dresses as our bouquets. All the guys had mullets and wore their hunting clothes.

On the day of the party, all the girls got together and got ready. I think that was the best part of the whole day. We made our hair as BIG as we could with LOTS of hairspray and curling irons. We loaded on the make up, and put on tattoos and gaudy jewelry. We had a photo shoot outside before we left.

The bride and maid of honor were both pregnant with the grooms baby. The maid of honor had a black eye from the bride punching her. The father of the bride carried a shot gun. We all piled into a white suburban and drove to the party listening to “Take me down to the little white church” and when we pulled in the bride crawled out of the sunroof and slid down the front of the car. We even brought a wedding cake with us that had Barbie and Ken dolls as the topper.

It was by far the funnest Halloween party we ever went to and we will never be able to top it.