Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair!

Here’s my version of Rapunzel from the movie Tangled. I also made a version of Pascal, her pet!

Rapunzel starts off with the prettiest pink cotton for the skirt and bodice inset. Then, a beautiful lavender cotton for the bodice and puffy sleeves. The sleeves have pink, satin stripes that I sewed on individually.

The skirt is long and full. There’s a full under-slip for the Rapunzel From Tangled Costume. It’s virtually a second attached dress. The under-slip has a tulle edge. It adds a lot of fullness and you really feel like a princess in it!

The bodice has 10 eyelets with ribbon woven between them. There’s a nice zipper back. The skirt also has a tulle over-skirt.

It’s so pretty!

I edged the sleeves (made of tulle), neckline, waist, and tulle skirt with beautiful, white, scalloped lace trim.

This is a labor of love and takes many, many hours to complete.

I completed the Rapunzel costume with a thick, long wig. The wig has lavender satin ribbon woven throughout. I also put some beautiful organza flowers with pearl centers on it.

It’s truly a work of art for her to wear. Our little girl loved hers!!


For Pascal, he’s kind of a gecko and kind of a dragon mixed. At least, that’s my take on it. lol

I made a puff bodysuit that goes to the waist. It velcros at the top on each shoulder. I used soft, green fleece.

Down his back are long rows of tiny scales that lead to his tail. His tail curls with wire.

His face has a lot of detail that wasn’t captured in the pictures unfortunately. His big dimensional eyes are made of white, then brown, then black felt. His brown-line was sculpted. There’s a lot of 3-d effect there, there are even some small scales running down his head.

Overall, it’s a great set for the kids.

It takes time, but it’s all worth it.