Every year for Halloween I try and do something creative! I have never bought a costume from the store. However a couple years ago I decided I wanted to be my favorite childhood cartoon character, Rainbow Brite. When I looked online at a Rainbow Brite Halloween Costume, I was very disappointed! The only costume was a “star brite girl” or whatever they named her and she did not do Rainbow Brite justice!

So I showed my mom a picture of Rainbow Brite and she was glad to help! We bought most of the fabric at JoAnn’s Fabric store and Hancock Fabrics. She used an old pattern of a jumper and mixed and matched a couple other patterns to create the dress.

To create the shoes she made it like a sock, but with an opening at the top and bottom, I just had to slip it on over big black platform boots. The arms and legs and rim of the skirt are filled with batting. My mom did an awesome job, she is an awesome seamstress!

The costume was a hug success! I hope you all like it!