This railroad crossing Halloween costume was my favorite Halloween costume I have ever done. I work at Hooters and all the girls always wear skimpy outfits so I wanted to change it up and this is what I thought up.

It was very simple to make and budget friendly. I got the socks from a Halloween superstore, a cheap black shirt from Target, black leggings and a plain black hat from Hobby Lobby. The safety rail and crossing boards are made out of soft foam sheets found in the arts and crafts section of Hobby Lobby. Then I just painted the words on and glued them with a glue gun. The flashers are “blinky” pumpkin lights I bought from the Dollar store. I stuffed them through the foam and then hot glued the black foam circles to my boob area.

My costume was a total hit and it was so much fun making all my customers say “choo choo trains coming” and I would raise my bar up and not let people pass. Vote for me!!