This is my attempt at making a Raiden from Mortal Kombat costume.

The sash was made from material I bought from Abakhan. I measured from my knees over my shoulders and down to my knees at the back then bought that length of material about a meter wide. I cut it into two strips then hemmed both strips. Then I placed one strip on top of the other and stitched a line across about waist height and then did the same at the other end for the back. It’s held on my shoulders by two safety pins under the tshirt out of sight.

The bottoms are martial arts bottoms. The top is a plain long sleeved white tshirt. Id hoped to find some ballet shoes instead of using white trainers but I didn’t have the time. The black wrist bands are just a pair of black socks with the toes cut off. the calf bands are white scarves but if id have thought about it id have just worn long white socks.

The black head piece is an elastic headscarf thing. I think its called a snood. It fits snugly over my head. Then there is a black scarf round my neck and pinned in place.

The hat I bought off eBay for £1.50 and stapled some black elastic to hold it on. I left it quite loose though so it didn’t bend the hat. I could have used black ribbon but thought elastic would be easier.

Around my waist is a black scarf. I cut it to size then sewed it so it would be tight around the waist.