Some friends and I decided to go as a group for Halloween and what’s better than a Pulp Fiction Crew Group Costume? We had plans for others to be Butch and Marcellus Wallace but it never happened. I’m Jules Winnfield and my two other friends are Vincent, Vega and Mia Wallace.

I used black and brown paste face paint to do my skin. The wig was bought at an actual wig store and custom cut by a barber friend of mine. I then used trimmers to cut up hair that was left over to form facial hair. I used spirit gum and applied it to my face before the face paint was applied. I laid the face paint on with some hair dryer time between layers. It stayed on for 12 hours. My friend that went as Vincent Vega had his wig custom cut and styled and same with Mia Wallace.

We watched the movie numerous times and remembered all the quotes and dance moves. We were quite the show downtown St Petersburg, Florida.