The idea for a Prince William and Kate Middleton costume came after a long brainstorming session, but the logistics took quite a lot longer to work out. I reviewed the official photos from the engagement and wedding online and decided to go with Kate’s blue engagement dress and Will’s Irish guard uniform – two of the most recognizable and practical of the outfits.

Kate’s dress was pretty easy, I found a dress in the right shade and just had to modify the top. But Will’s guard uniform was a different story. “Will” is 6’5” and we had to find an extra large women’s red jacket. It came with toggle closures on the front, so I had to remove those. Then I had to extend the sleeves with gold lamé and black felt. Added gold ribbon detail and gold buttons. Then I sewed a while ribbon to accent the front of the uniform and around the collar. I added a hook and eye clasp so the collar would stay up and closed, and large gold ‘clip-on’ earrings to the front. I added gold buttons to the front of the jacket and some Velcro to the inside flap so it would stay closed.

Next came epaulettes in black felt with gold trim and buttons. I also added Velcro so they could open and close as needed. Next came the sky blue sash and added an iron-on medal. I bought a police hat and ripped off the badge, and found an “official looking” gold badge again from the thrift store, and glued that to the front. I had to add some cardboard to the inside to keep the hat from sagging under the weight of the badge. And finally, sewed red ribbon down each leg of the trousers.

In total, it was about 24 hours of hand sewing to achieve the finished product. As for me, I was able to find a convincing replica of Kate’s famous engagement ring. When it was all said and done, this Homemade Prince William and Kate Middleton Couple Costume was well worth the effort – we looked great!