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Coolest Pretty Pink Homemade Cupcake Costume 73

by Danielle D
(Huntsville, AL)

Coolest Pretty Pink Homemade Cupcake Costume (with cherry headpiece!)

Coolest Pretty Pink Homemade Cupcake Costume (with cherry headpiece!)

Coolest Pretty Pink Homemade Cupcake Costume (with cherry headpiece!)
Coolest Pretty Pink Homemade Cupcake Costume - inside of my tin
Frosting... As you can see I safety pinned everything from the inside/out
Coolest Pretty Pink Homemade Cupcake Costume - the other head piece...the lit up candle..

I decided to make my costume for Halloween this year. At first, I thought I would make a robot. But after Googling homemade Halloween costumes I found this website!

For my Pretty Pink Homemade Cupcake Costume, I used the following:
* Laundry Basket (dollar tree)
* Poster (dollar tree)
* Shiny silver wrapping paper (dollar tree)
* Flower shaped foam sheets (dollar tree)
* Pipe cleaners (dollar tree)
* Headbands (dollar tree/Claire?s $4)
* Toilet paper roll
* Battery candle lights (3/$1 @ dollar tree)
* Pink ruffle skirt (target $15)
* Polyfil (craft store?about $3-4)
* Pom poms (hobby lobby?about $6 total)
* Styrofoam ball (craft store $2?)
* Silver ruffle fabric (hobby lobby $4)
* Cupcake ribbon (crafts store $3-4)
* Safety pins!!!! (craft store?about $5-6?)
* Silver spray paint (any craft store $7)
* White gloves (dance store $12)
* Silver mini skirt ( $14)
* Red paint (less than a $1 @ craft store - cheap stuff)

The Tin:

First, I cut the bottom out of the laundry basket.
Then, I folded the poster(s) like an accordion to get the tin effect.

After that, I cut the poster in half & hot glued them around the outside of the basket (I should have spray painted the basket and posters first but didn't until after I put it all together)

Next, I cut strips of the shiny silver wrapping paper and covered each section on my 'tin'(the spray paint isn't a must, but it definitely helped because some of the shiny strips of paper fell off).

After hot gluing the wrapping paper, I cut short strips of cupcake ribbon to give the bottom of my tin a border (I wore a silver mini skirt under my tin, so I would be able to take off the tin when I needed/had to).

The Frosting:

I found this pink ruffled layer skirt in the Halloween section at Target & decided to make it easy and stuff it with polyfil for my frosting. So, there were 4 layers of this tulle on the skirt. I only used 2 of them to tuck polyfil under & safety pin. I safety pinned from the bottom, which you should be able to see in a photo posted. I kept the safety pins a couple inches apart because I still needed to safety pin my 'sprinkles' (pom poms) through the inside also.

** You could make this easier & just hot glue pom poms, but I want to re-use this skirt again! I also safety pinned silver sparkly pom poms around the top of the skirt/(my frosting) with a silver bow, just to give it more shine!

Next, I used the silver ruffle fabric to safety pin a halter around my neck (Pretty sure I only bought one yard - I am 5'7)

The Candle/Cherry:

My original plan was to make a candle for the headpiece. So, I bought a dollar tree headband to test this out. I then used a toilet paper roll & covered it with the shiny silver wrapping paper.

Next, I cut out a small circular piece of foam to cover the top of it because I needed to hot glue one of the battery run candle-lights (I realized I would not be able to do this until the night of because I would have to turn on my light THEN hot glue it).

I used a couple of the flower foam sheets and hot glued them to the headband. Then, hot glued the bottom of the toilet paper roll to the flower sheets & this became my candle light headpiece!

** Because I was iffy whether or not my candle light would work, I also bought/made the following: I found a sparkly red headband at a craft store, knew it would work perfect for the cherry headpiece. After painting a styrofoam ball red, & sticking a sparkly gold pipe cleaner in the top for the stem, I hot glued it to the headband.

I wore the candle piece the first night & the light ended up going out, but I don't believe it was because of the battery... the candlelight I noticed needed to keep pressure in order to light up.

On Halloween night I wore the cherry piece. I'm glad I made this as a back up because there were some perverts who thought the candle was a sex toy - one even asked if it was a man's 'you know'.

*** Oh! Some additional little things I looked for was jewelry. I already had lip balms that were mini cupcakes, so I decided to buy rings from hobby lobby to hot glue a couple and wear them out. Nothin' better than gloss on the go! ;). I also found a cute silver necklace from Forever 21 with a little cupcake on it, for $2.80!!

AND - I decided to top the whole outfit off by sticking a few sprinkles by my eye * LOOK CLOSELY in the main photo above, and you will notice! =)

I really enjoyed creating this Pretty Pink homemade cupcake costume & sharing how I made it. I will definitely be making another costume next year! Hope yall can benefit from the info I have given!!

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