I was 7 months pregnant for Halloween but still wanted to partake in the fun.  I wore a white tank top that showed off my belly.  I think took a plaid shirt from the Goodwill and cut the sleeves off.  I got tattoos from those quarter machines outside of store (you can’t see in the picture but they are tigers and skulls with flames.)  I pulled my hair half back to give it the mullet appearance.   I gave myself some rocking facial hair and wore a trucker hat.

Now my “old lady”  wore a house coat.nightgown.  We got an empty pack of smokes from a friend and pinned them to the top to make it look like they were coming out of his top.  He took one and carried it with him most of the night.  We got a wig and put his hair partially in curlers.  We got comments on our costume all night.  I even have one person tell me that had to do a double take to see if I was in a costume or if I really was a redneck guy.