My husband and I play in an all 80’s band. I sing and he plays keyboards and rhythm guitar. Our last show of the season was a Halloween gig so he made this pregnancy X-Ray Halloween costume for me. I just bought a black long-sleeved t-shirt and black yoga pants from Walmart and some fabric paint from a craft store and my husband painted it. He’s a talented guy! We played our show and during the song “I Want Candy” I was walking around on the dance floor and passing out candy.You can see the microphone and the pumpkin candy bucket in my hands in this pic.

It was fun seeing our fans reactions! I was 20 weeks and we had just found out it was a boy. Everyone saw the skeleton and was like “cute costume” and THEN they noticed the baby and we’re like “oh my gosh, how cute!” They already knew we were expecting another “band member” but it was still fun to see their reactions to the costume and it was exciting to tell everyone it was a boy! Jacob is now 19 months old and I hope to use this costume again soon!