My boyfriend and I went in a Popeye and Olive Oyl costume. The costumes required minimal effort and turned out great; I was surprised to realize that people recognized my Olive costume even without seeing Popeye!

For Olive, I used a long-sleeve red shirt I already owned, and I bought some cheap lace ribbon to pin around the collar and the cuffs. Then I added a black dress and boots, sprayed my hair black, and put it up in a bun. Don’t forget the pearl earrings!

For Popeye, we found a sailor shirt and hat at a costume store and added a blue bandana. For the finishing touches we added a corncob pipe, anchor tattoos on the arms (done with magic marker!), and a Popeye brand spinach can. Perhaps the best part of the costume was that we emptied out the spinach so Popeye could drink right out of the can!

I loved this costume because it was really all about the small details that made it such a hit.