This is my version of Poison Ivy, the positively Divine Batman villains (see what I did there?).

My friends and I decided to dress up as heroes and villains – more specifically DC and Marvel characters – for our very last day of school ever, and I chose Poison Ivy as I have always wanted to dress up as her ever since I saw the ’90s film.

The costume itself didn’t take that long to do, probably only a couple of hours in total. I had already bought the wig as I was hoping to do the costume earlier. I made the skirt myself from some simple instructions I found online. It took about half an hour to construct and I left it to dye for a good few hours to get the richest colour I could.

For the top, I bought a plain black corset and two large bunches of artificial ivy leaves on eBay and then used a hot glue gun to attach the leaves to the corset. This took about an hour, all in all, and was ready virtually seconds after I had put the last leaf on.

I glued a few leftover leaves to some hair grips for a little decoration in ‘my’ hair, put on some green tights and red heels, did some green eye makeup and painted my lips with green face paint and my Ivy was ready to rock the school!

I loved this costume so much that I will probably use it again for Halloween this year!